Pickup and Delivery

Save Time!

Getting your dry cleaning does not have to an extra errand that is a time consuming part of your day. You can have pickup and delivery right to your door. Gee Gee Cleaners will come to your home or business and save your time and deliver high quality cleaning.

Make the time to handle your dry cleaning part of Gee Cleaners Day not yours!

How does this work?

Submit your location to Gee Gee Cleaners and we will drop off Gee Gee Cleaners pickup bag and arrange a pickup day for your cleaning. Select a schedule that work for your timing and our customer service representative will call you to go over the pickup and delivery arrangements.


  • Pickup on Monday and back on Thursday.
  • Pickup on Tuesday and back on Thursday.
  • Pickup on Thursday and back on Monday.

Need something right away?

Call us for special schedule – (313) 526-1151